Our Neighbors

Our Neighbors Are Important
In 2013, Sevier County Food Ministries gave out over 81,000 bags of groceries and more than 6,200 families sought aid from us at least once, some as many as 40 or more times. An average household includes three people. We especially help people living alone and couples, with over 60 percent of our grocery bags built for a family of one or two persons.

A bag usually includes a dozen or so items. Everybody gets eggs and we try to provide a protein like sausage or chicken, whatever is available. Cans of green vegetables, corn, beans, tomatoes and fruit are in most bags, along with a combination of mac & cheese, corn muffin mix, pasta, ramen and saltines. We try to give out peanut butter and canned meat as often as possible.

Who Are Our Neighbors?
Many of the folks we assist are on a fixed income. Some are on assistance. Quite a few have taken in one, two or even more family members or friends. Most are just down on their luck. A bag of groceries helps.

As an example, there is a lady who visits us regularly, usually three times a month on average, who also picks up a bag of groceries for her parents’ household. This neighbor and her husband have three young children. He has a fairly steady job at a grocery store, but it’s not a high-level position and most weeks he’s limited to approximately 30 hours. He has no benefits. She is a server at a pancake houses, but her hours are inconsistent, depending on the tourism season. When the kids have a snow day, they’re eating at home instead of having breakfast and lunch at school. Or they might stay with their grandparents, who keep them on weekends and during the summer as well.

So, both households are stretching their food supply as far as it will go.
That’s why Sevier County Food Ministries is an important part of their lives.